Diagnostic/ Maintenance Services

I have a diagnostic scanner that enables me to scan, and read most of the systems in both Maserati/Ferrari/Lamborghini. Including F1 / E Gear Gearboxes (Clutch Wear Read Outs, Solenoid Leakage Rates, Gear Change Engagement/Selection Parameters, Hydraulic Pressure, Clutch Calibration Resets, etc), Enhanced power train, Capote, Air-Bag,  ABS, etc. I also attach all services directly to the VIN number of the exotic I am working on. For example, if you have a routine 25k service done on a Ghibli, not only am I able to reset the maintenance service indicator, should anyone run the VIN of the vehicle on resell a comprehensive list on the services I perform will be there. Most of the time it’s more comprehensive than even the dealerships because I personally enter the data. Should you have an opportunity please see this post on the White Dove’s Face-bookpage:

Most normal Diagnostic Scanners, including Snap-On, and many others like it, can not scan Ferrari/Maserati/Lamborghini sub-systems or access the F1 gear box computers.

Mechanical Repairs and Upgrades

  • Valve Cover Gaskets
  • Rear Tie Rods
  • Suspension Adjustments
  • Clutch Changes
  • F1/E Gear system Flushes
  • Oil Changes (Both dry/wet sump motors)
  • Heater core replacements (alternatively re-route)
  • F1/E Gear Pump Replacement
  • Sticky Button Replacement/Refurb
  • Coolant Sleeve Replacement (Common Maserati Quat, and Gran T 4.2L)
  • Formula Dynamics Upgrades
  • Window Regulator/Micro-switch repair
  • Annuals (F360’s etc.) Includes F1 flushes, Brake fluid flushes, oil changes, coolant, etc.
  • Belt services (F360’s)

This list could probably continue to go on. If you want something specific just ask.

PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspections)

I also recommend PPI inspections for any of these exotic automobiles. I have a 200 item checklist exactly for these type of situations. I have seen many cars both non-exotic and exotic come through that the Dealership or Seller purposely knows and hides issues of the vehicle the Buyer must fix later on. They consider it cutting into their bottom line, and would rather that fall on you. Some of these items, for instance clutches, actuators, accumulators, for F1 cars will cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

I have, and do travel out of state to perform PPI inspections. Of course travel expenses will be part of the quoted price. I also have flown out of state to perform costly service repairs, such as actuator replacements or clutch replacements. Usually the client must have access to a garage with tools. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a lift. I grew up taking cars apart on garage floors, and sometimes the ground. I’m not so far along in life to think I couldn’t do it again. If you are interested in PPI or service repairs, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Rim Painting and Repair


I can also do rim resurface and repair. I don’t use production/cheap base coats or clear coats. I use PPG and/or Sherwin Williams quality base coats and High solids clears. I do not specialize in collision repairs currently, so I don’t use the production paints. I drive these cars, and I know what I like on them. It’s not a base coat that’s going to die back or a clear coat that gets hazy 6 months after you leave.


Maserati Expertise